Stellar Community Wellbeing

By Mira Syahirah

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Stellar Education Group has organised numerous virtual programs for students and the community to participate in, including an online community bonding programme and an online parenting talk. These community programmes are intended for our students, parents, and the general public to enjoy and interact. For our community bonding programme, we planned beneficial yet entertaining activities such as eye massage and baking sessions, which included the involvement of parents, staff, and students. These online programmes do not just merely focus on academic abilities; they also provide a wide range of knowledge to help our children develop life skills. We conducted a Facebook live series for our parenting talk, including ideas on how to use leadership skills and parents as coaches at home. Our virtual programme also provides the community with the knowledge that is not available in the classroom. It thus provides them with a variety of experiences and knowledge that will assist them become global citizens. Furthermore, during the early phases of the pandemic, the school distributed masks to raise awareness among students, families, and our community about the need to obey SOPs to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Good health and well-being are essential for effective learning and successful independent life. A coordinated effort can only fulfil this ambition for every child and young person: schools and their parents work closely together to deliberately develop their health and well-being programmes, considering local conditions and individual needs. Therefore, Stellar Education Group is constantly striving to provide more to our students, parents, and the community. We aim to be one of our students’ central support systems when it comes to their well-being. This is done to assure that our students appreciate and feel connected to their school even when they are not physically present. During pandemic, education involves more than simply Zoom courses. The programmes such as online parenting talk and summer community bonds were held to showcase to our community that Stellar International School is more than merely an academic learning centre for students. Our students could also interact with their peers and others of the community who have joined our program during the programme. This contributes to strengthening our school’s relationship with the community, which increases the possibility of future community programmes that benefit our students and the general public.

Our schools collaborated with various stakeholders to organise several virtual events. Our students acknowledged that education is more than simply classroom learning. SEG aspires to be an approachable learning institute where our students and parents feel comfortable approaching us, resulting in a conducive and safe environment for learning and wellbeing. All of the programmes were designed to fill the time of our students and their parents with engaging activities that could assist in the improvement of their mental health as well as practical life skills. Furthermore, we welcomed stakeholders from CCA programmes to be guest speakers to inform our students about sports knowledge outside of their physical education courses. Stakeholder relationships are critical for us to retain since they are a part of our community. As a result, SEG constantly provides exciting and beneficial events for our students and community to ensure our educational program’s efficacy. Children require specific social skills to build healthy interactions with others to grow up to be happy, healthy people. We believe that positive relationships are an essential indicator of overall happiness and are predicted by good social skills.

It all starts with freedom of education. Giving individuals a chance to improve their lives in a meaningful way is what opportunity entails. Access is fundamental to this opportunity, whether it is to an education or adequate health care. Stellar Education Group genuinely encourages our students to learn and experience beyond simply classroom lessons. Stellarians are a multicultural community of individuals from many races, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds. As a result, we feel motivated and inspired to connect everyone through programmes designed to help everyone better understand one another. The school also believes that the unending support from our students, parents, staff, and community has significantly influenced our online programs. There is a strong relationship between well-being and academic performance, i.e. well-being is an essential requirement for achievement, and achievement is required for well-being. Well-being is vital at school because schools play a critical part in supporting students in creating healthy lifestyle choices and understanding the consequences of those decisions on their health and well-being. Childhood and adolescence are crucial developmental stages in forming long-term attitudes about personal well-being and lifestyle choices. Overall well-being boosts intrinsic motivation, academic success, and school satisfaction, resulting in flourishing individuals, communities, and nations.

We emphasise the importance of our students getting to know one another, learning, respecting, and cherishing one another. Therefore, Stellar Education Group also aims to improve the bonds between students, the community, and the school. Our online programme received fantastic support from the community, students, and parents, and we are eternally thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community. The schools also received good comments and constructivism to help us enhance our events in the future. We wish to keep these activities going as a way for people to engage with one another and for the community to learn more about our school’s culture. It is our trademark to learn while having fun. As a result, we would want to apply the same concept through our educational programmes. Our students and the community may interact with one another and develop incredible life skills. Today’s students will be the professionals, leaders, and role models of tomorrow. We must provide them with the resources they require to succeed. Children nowadays develop emotionally, cognitively, and physically as a result of their interactions and their community. This community might be found at school or home, on the playground, or even in the backyard. It provides children with a sense of belonging and is critical to the development of their identity.

The phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ conveys a clear message in which the whole community has a vital role in the growth and development of its young generation. Stellar Education Group acknowledges that some people have a limited amount of time to attend our programme due to various factors. Hence, we have published some of our live virtual events on our Facebook page and Youtube that the public can access. We wanted our community to participate and gain the same knowledge and experience as other participants to demonstrate to society how the Stellar community works together as a team. The Stellar community formation becomes the helpful, constructive, and uplifting basis of a student’s life where it assists them in learning about themselves. It also teaches the students how to deal with obstacles, gain knowledge, and explore unlimited unique experiences. Our school strives and devotes our hearts to our students, creating the platform for a brighter future for them. Students are given the golden opportunities to study, grow, and attain greatness and happiness through the community.