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Stellar Education Group is a leading provider of preschool education, childcare services, children enrichment courses and K-12 education programmes in Johor, Malaysia. By integrating national and international syllabuses in our curriculum, our students are equipped with the 21st century skills to strive in this ever-changing world.

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Stellar Education Group was founded in 2016, and the education group comprises an international school, a student services unit, two preschools, and one playschool in Johor, Malaysia. Our affiliation with the UCSI Education Group has enabled us to adapt their educational model for our local needs.

We strongly believe that the purpose of education is to help students develop a passion for learning and ignite their creative spark so that they can bring positive change to the world in the future. We believe in providing a holistic education for the next generation by nurturing their physical, socio-emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Our group name, STELLAR, signifies outstanding performance and at the same time, expresses our hopes that our students will shine brightly like stars throughout their lives and contribute to society through their unique talents.

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